3 Killer Tactics To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back And Celebrate Valentines Day Together

Instead of giving the usual box of chocolates or a dozen roses, how about a change of pace this year and give your Valentine an edible flower bouquet?

First valentines day quotes we’ll decide on attire for the evening. It needs to be different, fun and a little bizarre! Most of the items you’ll already have but if you want to invest in something new check out party stores for costumes or just accessories to complement what you already have hidden away.

If you are going to walk you better take into consideration the weather. Las Vegas may be warm, but Reno is likely to have snow, rain or high wind during this time of year.

Although some people consider valentine week 2018 too commercial, and I understand that, it is still an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of love in our lives. It is an opportunity to thank people and to rekindle our spirit of gratitude and generosity.

I’m sure we’ve all made some pretty thick-headed mistakes on this most inauspicious of days, and I am no exception. But I’ve learned a few things through my romantic misadventures. Here are three basic rules to not blowing Valentines Day.

What I noticed the first time I met Jenni was her strange numbness. She couldn’t move out of the guarded stance– slumped shoulders, head hung forward, eyebrows frozen, jaw clenched, spine and hips frozen, arms limp and legs locked. She was like a stick figure. Her voice was thin, colorless. She complained that her throat hurt when she sang. Her range was limited, and she had several breaks in her voice. I tried to help her loosen up, but I could barely get her to lift her arms from her sides to allow ribcage expansion. She inhaled from the upper chest in short gasps.

Go out with them often. Don’t sit around the house day after day…go for a walk…go to the movies, or for a drive. You don’t have to spend much money to have a good time. Something to consider as well, cuddling, or spooning. Create a strong emotional bond with the one you love, give them that layer of comfort that just screams “I’m safe”.

Now all you have to worry about to throw a successful Valentines Day party is food, drinks, venue, decorations, and venue now that you have Valentine’s Day party games taken care of. If children will also be attending, make sure to keep the party romantic and fun because you don’t want any of the kids to think their parents are gross.

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3 Killer Tactics To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back And Celebrate Valentines Day Together

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