Boob Tube And Big Screen Geniuses – More Pop Culture Philosophers

March UFOs were seen over 10 states in these selected 12 reports, according to accounts logged into the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Database. Witnesses continue to report an array of shapes and sizes, including very bright lights moving in ways unlike any known aircraft, objects moving in and out of the sky at high rates of speed, and very bright objects that seem to disappear instantly.

At a later date, Plato was sent to Syracuse in 367 B.C.E. to train Dionysus II after the death of Dionysus I. Dion, the brother-in-law of Dionysus I, believed that if Plato trained Dionysus II, the new ruler, in science and philosophy, he would be able to prevent Carthage from invading Sicily. However, this plan did not work; as Plato had predicted, because Dionysus II became jealous of Dion, so he forced him out of Syracuse. Dion attacked Syracuse in 357 B.C.E. and he gained control, however, he was murdered three years later.

The people who wrote the Bible were people-they were human and therefore fallible. They had their own barrow to push, their own ideas of right and wrong and therefore what punishment should be metered out to those that transgress.

P40: Cosmology news used to be considered a pseudo-science and the preserve of physicists who may have done useful work in their earlier years but who had gone mystic in their dotage.

The Brahmins and Upanishads are spiritual texts, written around 600 to 800 B.C, and they were dealing with the rituals performed by Brahmin priests. The Brahmins is a text explaining the Vedic rituals and hymns.

Locked up Abroad is a documentary series about travelers and tourists who find themselves behind bars in foreign countries. The show describes some of the harsh conditions of foreign jails and of being held captive by terrorists in hostage situations. This show airs on Monday at 10 pm.

Wealth 101 – Wealth is Much More Than Money by John-Roger & Peter McWilliams. This book is part of The Life 101 Series. I keep this book handy and have read it many times. It seems to find greater and greater meaning as you develop on a personal level. This book, as with all the books listed above, should be required reading in high school and college.

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Boob Tube And Big Screen Geniuses – More Pop Culture Philosophers

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