Combining Your Web Page With Your Company Blog

After direct linking the next best method of promotion you should consider is setting up a blog about the product or the niche. There are many free systems out there that you could start with, Blogger, Squidoo are just two. There are many more that can be found out there. There has though, developed over the last few years a form of inverted snobbery with regard to the free blogs and that is they are not as well regarded as the ones where someone buys their own domain name and uses a WordPress theme. At the end of the day good information is good information regardless of where it is posted. If you’re just starting off the main thing to keep in mind is that they are free.

There are thousands of link building tactics out there and many different ways to go about link building but my favorite is with article syndication. Article syndication allows you to create instant traffic as well as long term SEO benefits of back links for your content. Create articles and syndicate them to the major article directories linking back to your product reviews.

The search engines love it when the headings of your posts include your chosen keyword. It helps them decide whether or not your web content is relevant to the search they are performing for their user. By placing your keyword in the headers of your posts, you will draw the search engines to you more effectively, moving you up in the search results.

1) 1st and most important step is to pick a good web-hosting company. A web hosting company supplies the “servers” that the website will be hosted on. You will upload your website files onto their server, which will publish your site onto the web for all to see. This is the “piece of web real estate” that your website will reside on.

You need a special appearance on the blog. Your blog should not look like any other blog. You are unique. Therefore, your blog should also be unique. To change the look of your blog use what is called “Themes”. You can easily find a number of free WordPress travel blog themes (WP) Themes. Most of these are not very good and they come with advertising you cannot take away. Forget it. Choose a “Premium Theme”. A “Premium Theme” will cost you a few dollars. It is worth it.

To focus the search engines more narrowly on your web content, you should also highlight your keywords within your post. By bolding, underlining, and italicizing your keywords, you will draw attention to your web content and its relevance, and search engines love relevant content above all things.

For example, in the Pregnancy and Maternity category one of the bestsellers is “Fetal Dopplers”. This product has many positive reviews and Amazon is telling up that it is selling well. This would be a product to investigate, first we need to check out some search data. Are people searching for keywords related to this item? Is there a lot of competition for those keywords?

The single most important thing is content. Do not copy or use content other than your own. You can always outsource or pay someone to do your website content.

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Combining Your Web Page With Your Company Blog

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