Your Wedding Photographer – How Much Is Too Much

Setting up a wedding photography business means you have the proper gear to get a job at the place and at home. But that does not mean you have to go into debt to get it done. I’ve seen photographers to buy a new top of the line gear costs over 10 grand only to find that they could not make the business work. I started with 2 Rebel EOS cameras and some moderately priced lenses. In fact, you might already have these or better.

Choosing the photographer because someone told you to. This is not their wedding, this is yours, and you call the shots when it’s your wedding. If your friend suggests you to a Toronto Documentary wedding photographer, don’t go head in and hire them right away. You have to find out if they’re the right photographer for you. Check their portfolios, profile, styles, and look at the past weddings that they have done. Always plan an appointment with a few photographers first before you go head in and hire.

A professional will own a series of equipment and not just one camera. He could own a wide view camera which is useful for taking shots of groups of people. He will have a standard lens, a wide angle lens, a zoom lens and a long focus lens. In addition to different lens, he will also use various flash be it a built-in one, hand held or add on flash. His light meter will tell him which is the most appropriate to use.

What about the flash? Flashes are an integral part of your photo equipment. Believe it or not, I have encountered people that intended to shoot a wedding without a flash… simply because they didn’t have one. Were they mad? No, they were just amateurs and unfortunately the market is filled with those. Most of a wedding day takes place indoors and you must have some sort of light aid, or most of the photos will obviously be improperly lit. Once again, only buy top notch flashes, yes I said flashes, because you need at least two of them: one to use and one as backup. There are two main brands for flashed: Metz and Quantum Instruments. Regarding Metz, I advise you not buy the latest Mecablitz 76 MZ-5 as in my opinion is a poor flash.

However, obviously when comparing it to RED or Canon Cinema EOS, Nikon has no shot here, as these are in a different league of video competency. But as an intended DSLR sill camera, it is probably Nikon’s best, and equivalent or better to Canon’s 1D X. Remember that Nikon introduced video to DLSRs with the introduction of the Nikon D90.

The EXPEED 3 processing claims to be 1.3 times faster than the EXPEED 2 of the D3s, or 30%. Keep in mind the EXPEED 3 is not equivalent to the Nikon 1 system. Sure the technology is similar, but the D4 has a more beefy implementation, with larger cache sizes compared to the Nikon 1’s EXPEED 3 system.

Foundation of every business is an excellent and creative business plan. Here also you need to make a good business plan in the starting. A business plan should work as a guideline for you. It should be in such a way that you can follow it step by step and also monitor your success. You should be able to produce same quality results consistently. Your mission should be clear. It should clearly state that what you want to achieve in how much time and how you will do that. How will you provide satisfaction to your customers? There should be a strategy for managing your profit that how you are going to use it for continuous and steady development.

In fact your wedding photographer Wollongong expects you to ask for more than what he has to offer. It is almost normal to ask for more than people pay for. To keep it simple for you, have a bunch of photographers near you. One or the other will have something extra to give. Never however look for the cheapest thing available on the market, there is a reason why it is the cheapest.

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Your Wedding Photographer – How Much Is Too Much

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